The Vaccine

I was reading about one of the new Covid vaccines today and about possible adverse effects. Fainting and banging one’s head was mentioned as a rare possibility and a reason why the vaccine would need to be administered by a medic type person.

I have no fear of needles but I have a very healthy respect for vaccines. I ended up getting a Rubella vaccine 3 days after our son was born by C-Section and at a time when I was at a very low ebb especially after the general anaesthetic and no sleep etc. The idea was to protect a future baby but the outcome was years and years of utterly debilitating ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I asked how sensible it was to be getting the vaccine just three days after giving birth and was told the worst that could happen was a mild fever or a little rash. I should have followed my instinct and forced them to leave it until I was back to full health.

I think vaccines are great if one’s body can cope with them but know how awful it is to be in the group who fall victim to adverse effects.

I am just hoping that these Covid vaccines will be safe and that enough people get it to ensure that the virus is controlled. I won’t be first in the queue for it and will certainly be making sure that I am as well as I possibly can be if I do decide that it seems sensible to get it, given my sensitivities.

How are you feeling about it? Excited, wary, hopeful …..

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

20 thoughts on “The Vaccine”

    1. I am also a wait and see, won’t be rushing to the front of the line, at 77 looking at 78 in April, and a tad overweight, take that tad lightly, I will let others try it first.

  1. I think a bit of all three. Of course there is excitement about a breakthrough, but then, it took 25 years to develop a safe polio vaccine. So, there is a good deal of ‘wary’ going on, given what we know about Big Pharma and medications rushed to approval only to later find out they were dangerous and sometimes deadly. Hopeful, yes of course. Once there is clear evidence of a safe vaccine for Covid, I will get it. It is good to be an avid reader, and to question what we read.

  2. Call me a Crank or a “Science-Denier” (whatever that might mean) or Irresponsible, or whatever, but I will not be getting this vaccine. Certainly not now or in the foreseeable future. Nothing about this whole thing makes sense, not the numbers of reported positive tests, hospitalizations or deaths. The social-distancing makes some sense, especially if one feels ill or is in an area with many people. But, to ask / require people to wear a mask while walking outdoors is not based on any medical facts. And, to now in some states here in the U.S. “require” people to wear a mask in their own home is …criminal.

    1. I certainly won’t call you anything but am interested in your perspective.

      There is strong buy in to the medical/scientific information being disseminated here in Ireland on a daily basis and relatively few are questioning the messaging or demands. I think most people personally know someone who has ended up either dying from the virus or going through a horrible experience. That helps to convince doubters. Our population is just over 4 million and deaths passed 2,000 yesterday. Knowing that a friend or relative is struggling to breathe in ICU certainly focuses the mind.

  3. Wary – I am normally happy with such things but this seems too rushed. Understandable but ,there is certainly a monetary aspect and, in some cases, political/nationalistic fervour to its development. I won’t be first in line.

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