The Vaccine

The whole issue of vaccination against Covid19 seems to be dominating every news outlet I hear, see or read.

I wonder to what extent vaccination is being perceived as as the silver bullet against this virus. Or is it gold, bronze, an also ran or a non-starter.

Here in Ireland it seems to me that it is being played down a little in case people get ahead of themselves and drop their guard in terms of the hand-washing, social distancing, going for testing etc.

The Vaccine

I was reading about one of the new Covid vaccines today and about possible adverse effects. Fainting and banging one’s head was mentioned as a rare possibility and a reason why the vaccine would need to be administered by a medic type person.

I have no fear of needles but I have a very healthy respect for vaccines. I ended up getting a Rubella vaccine 3 days after our son was born by C-Section and at a time when I was at a very low ebb especially after the general anaesthetic and no sleep etc. The idea was to protect a future baby but the outcome was years and years of utterly debilitating ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I asked how sensible it was to be getting the vaccine just three days after giving birth and was told the worst that could happen was a mild fever or a little rash. I should have followed my instinct and forced them to leave it until I was back to full health.

I think vaccines are great if one’s body can cope with them but know how awful it is to be in the group who fall victim to adverse effects.

I am just hoping that these Covid vaccines will be safe and that enough people get it to ensure that the virus is controlled. I won’t be first in the queue for it and will certainly be making sure that I am as well as I possibly can be if I do decide that it seems sensible to get it, given my sensitivities.

How are you feeling about it? Excited, wary, hopeful …..