In-Betweening on the Copper Coast

There’s talk of a storm looming on the horizon so I thought I would dive into today’s calm and seize my chance to have a lovely dip at one of our beaches or coves along the Copper Coast.

So everything was abandoned and I took off into the blue. Just crossing the little bridge at Annestown, I was enraptured by the deep hue of the River Anne and the gleam of the white-washed cottage that I love so much:

River Anne, Co. Waterford

There was a softness about the day that had me melting into the very heart of my  Co. Waterford.

One of the key parts of that Waterford is the sweep of the road in the village of Bonmahon and the way the shadows fall on the wall near the now  closed Kennedy’s shop:

Kennedy’s Grocery and Drapery Shopfront, Bonmahon, Co. Waterford

Ballydwane Cove was where I thought I would swim with its tall cliffs and cosy shelter. But, a local man walking his dog greeted me with: ‘It’s rough; it’s rough today.’ The tide was high and the waves were big and fluffy. The thing about Ballydwane, though,  is that the high cliffs always make the waves look a lot smaller than they are so if it hadn’t been for the mind-reading ‘old salt,’ I would have thrown caution to the gentle breeze and run in:

Ballydwane, Co. Waterford

It was time for a snack as lunch time had come and gone so I made for stunning Stradbally village with its beautiful brightly painted houses:

Stradbally, Co. Waterford

The bar that epitomises Co. Waterford for me is the Cove Bar in Stradbally. The fact that it has a painting of one of Waterford’s greatest hurlers, Michael ‘Brick’ Walsh, who is a Stradbally man, painted on its front wall  makes it all the more precious:

Cove Bar, Stradbally, Co. Waterford

Kilfarrasy was where I eventually decided to swim. It has been like a magnet of late, probably because it was the place where Dad and I used to go and sit in the car, watching the waves on that last December we shared in 2009:

Textured Kilfarrasy Beach

Puppy Stan was waiting impatiently for me when I got home all energised from the sea. We decided to go and watch the sunset together ~ a little journey that has become one of our bonds in life:

Paw-Printing Garrarus

At day’s end, the horizon was pencilled out and the dying sun placed her own little punctuation mark to identify this special in-between day.

Garrarus at Sunset

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

24 thoughts on “In-Betweening on the Copper Coast”

  1. I love two things about this–that first of all is is such a peaceful and joyous rendition, in a world that sure needs some peace and joy at the moment, and second, that I have “been here” so many times now that I can recognize places, including that little cottage. Perhaps I should have said 3 things: because of course, there is Puppy Stan looking his finest!

      1. I don’t really know how I found my way back to being in print but am happy that I am..We have had a set back regarding hubbys’ health in Nov. thankfully after major heart surgery ..he is recouperating nicely and we hope he will be his old self again…

  2. Beautifully described Jean, and oh my but you are brave, brave to get into the water when it is cold, when it is mid winter! Lovely photos. Have a wonderful Christmas dear Jean.

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