Here’s My Beloved Tramore ~ Native Heath and Oasis of Peace

Tramore, Co. Waterford in the sunny south-east of Ireland is the place where I was born and the place that has been home now for the last twenty-five years.

Tramore Beach and Backstrand from the Doneraile Walk
Tramore Beach and Backstrand from the Doneraile Walk

Yesterday morning I was woken by puppy, Stan, who lured me out for a walk at dawn.  It was one of those golden mornings and I felt absolutely blessed as we strolled along a route which is beyond familiar to me but which is ever-changing.

Rather than heading to the three mile long beach, from which Tramore takes its name, we stayed at the top of the town. This took us passed the two churches, which merge in my mind as the child of a mixed marriage.

The Victorian Doneraile Walk, which has such wonderful vistas of  Tramore Bay, called us. It is the place where my mother walked every evening when she was pregnant with me and I just love the views it provides of Tramore Bay. From there, we went to the Pier where the boats were tugging and waiting for the tide to rise. One man, though, was up bright and early paddling in his kayak.

The Cliff Road is the place that I associate with my own pregnancy almost  twenty years ago now. I walked it daily for the nine months and got to know every nook and cranny along the way.

And our final destination was Newtown Wood which has the little bridge that I consider to be my very own social bridge.

I hope you enjoy this short slideshow of the photographs which I took on Sunday. I know that Tramore will never, ever look exactly the same because its beauty is ever-changing with the time, tide, light, weather, season and, I suppose, the mood and interests of the beholder.

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Could it be ONLY a year ago? ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 207

For me, blogging is in many ways like keeping a diary. I’ve been into diaries more or less since I could write. One of the fascinating things about diaries is the extent to which they don’t lie as much as our memories can mislead.

This morning, I got to thinking about the Ireland Calling!  Slideshow that I made for July 2012 and was amazed, for example, to find that it was only last year that we were looking forward to the Olympics. They seem forever ago to me!

And, at a personal level, I’d completely forgotten that it was last July that I went to Co. Clare to visit many of my late father’s haunts and yes, that was the time I had the seaweed bath in Kilkee ….. bliss!

What were you up to last July, maybe this is the time to check your blog or your diary!

Mount Congreve Gardens ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 171

World famous Mount Congreve Gardens here in Co. Waterford were open to the public yesterday. They were looking absolutely splendid.
Like so many others, I am hoping that a resolution can be found to ensure that the Gardens remain open to visitors, as was the abiding wish of the late Ambrose Congreve.

I hope you enjoy this slideshow of the Mount Congreve’s summer splendor yesterday.

A Feast of Colour ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 20

Here we are 'deep in December', but Ireland is full of colour and the promise of more and more ..... I hope you enjoy this slideshow which I put together after a visit yesterday to the wondrous, historic and inspirational National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

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Tramore Beach and Backstrand at Sunrise ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 13

Tramore Beach, Co. Waterford has long been recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland, and to me, it is the most beautiful beach in the world. Even in the dark days of December it plays with light and colour in ways which never cease to soothe, inspire and touch every sense.


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