Sight and Sound

It’s very often the little things that are the BIG things in my life.

Yes, I went back out to watch the lambs with their mothers and here’s a little clip from the time I spent there.

It was only when I started for home that I realised how much time had passed and that night was closing in.

I was also captivated by the beauty of the country road ~ with the glimpse of the ocean at the end of it. It made me think of all the people who live in the middle of big cities, like I did for many years, and who don’t have the opportunity to see night falling without the roar of traffic and the hustle and bustle of people rushing around.

The Road for Home in Co. Waterford.
The Road for Home in Co. Waterford.

How hard it is to escape from places. However carefully one goes they hold you – you leave little bits of yourself fluttering on the fences – little rags and shreds of your very life.

(Katherine Mansfield)


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

24 thoughts on “Sight and Sound”

  1. I can see why you lost track of time. I was captivated just watching (and wishing I could be closer!). Isn’t it amazing how when you really listen, you can hear the differences in their words? The baas may sound similar if one is not really listening, but if you are, then there are differences! How cool is that!

  2. Oh,oh Sheps! I’m a city boy – born and bred. But still I clearly remember George of the Jungle and “Shep” Those are the Sheps you were watching weren’t they?

    Ha! fun post Jean – very peaceful.

    1. Hi Paul, I was wondering if you would have passed fields of sheep and lambs when you were driving the trucks or would they have been further away from highways?

      1. Mostly further away from the highways Jean. Sometimes when we had to deliver to farms (not often) we would see them. The first truck i owned / operated was for an American company and they had a number of drivers who were retired farmers. I remember clearly one day I was following another driver – Hugh – when he said he was taking a detour. I followed along and he pulled to a stop beside a farmer’s field and three beautiful horses came to the fence. Hugh spoke softly to them and produced some carrots which we fed to the horses. It was so peaceful and gorgeous.

        Hey, didn’t you like my “Shep” ? I thought it was quite funny.

    1. No doubt, you’re correct, Joan, though I think they got used to me being there as I must have been hunkered down for well over an hour and a half and was quite a distance away.

  3. It is hard to pull myself away from things that have my full attention. Just being outside in the fresh air and viewing Nature at its best is very fulfilling and one can certainly get lost in his or her thoughts. Sitting on the sand gazing out to the sea is another favorite pastime or collecting rocks and shells.

    1. Joni, sitting on the sand gazing out to sea must have used up weeks and weeks of my life so far and I hope that there will be many more. Another wonder is gazing at the stars!!

        1. It would have been quite a shocker if he had said anything to the contrary!
          His every word is being beamed across the Atlantic so if you come to Ireland, anyway, you’ll find it tough to get away from him unless you go into a monastery and even there it might be a bit dicey as I think they watch the TV News!
          I hope he doesn’t decide to prove his point in the next debate. (It all reminds me a bit of wise words I got from an old Professor of mine re coping with interview nerves: Visualise the guys (and it always seemed to be men, back then) who are interviewing you getting into the bath! )

  4. There are two things I love in early spring – daffodils and newborn lambs 🙂
    The quote is so very true. We take the places with us, and there is nothing we can do about that.

    1. Yes Inese, daffodils and newborn lambs ~ so magical.
      Places can be incredibly powerful and stay with us all our lives ~ even tiny spaces like a hidey hole under the stairs.

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