Down Town Tramore

One of the many wonderful features of blogging is that posts can reach near and far in almost every sense. I was thinking about this early yesterday morning as I headed down town to get a few groceries.

I realised that even though I feel I know many of my readers well, I have no real insight into what their going ‘down town’ is like, especially if they live in far flung places at the other side of the globe.

While I never, ever take Tramore’s beauty for granted, I often assume that you all know exactly what it’s like just as you probably assume I know how your place looks when you’re ‘running errands.’

Tramore is built on a steep hill and we live at the top of the town so going down town sums up the situation very well.

As one stands at the top of Main Street, there is a clear view of the sea below and I tend to find it extremely difficult to resist the temptation to just let off the brakes and take a look at the waves.

So it was yesterday morning and here’s how it unfolded:

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 I’d love to hear about and see your ‘Down Town’, ‘Up Town’ or ‘everyday place.’ 




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

13 thoughts on “Down Town Tramore”

  1. Hi Jean,

    I really enjoyed this post. It made me think about the sights that I see every day and take for granted. My “every day” place is the downtown of my home town. It’s a quintessential New England town. I don’t think I could ever enjoy living anywhere else!


  2. Those are great pictures Jean. You have a wonderful downtown – very cozy and rural. I love the fact that your town is right on the ocean. I was brought up in Halifax , which is also an ocean city. I miss it here in Ottawa. Ours downtown here in Ottawa is quite spectacular mostly because we are the capitol of the country. Lots of money put into Parliament buildings and surrounding areas. We have a really neat 4 or 5 block area called the market that has lots of shops and boutiques and an area where fresh produce and fish and artisanal products are sold. Very cool. I don’t go down there very often – mostly because of the traffic.I get most of what I need from shopping malls. I actually live only a few miles from downtown in an area called Sandy Hill. It is an older part of town that has been rebuilt and contains Ottawa University – a fairly large university that has 42,000 full time students. There are a lot of businesses that serve the students in this area – pubs, restaurants, take-outs, etc.

    Neat idea Jean

  3. What a wonderful idea for a post, Jean! And what a pretty town. In the near future, I shall do the same for you… 😀

  4. I just love Irish towns and villages anyway but Tramore looks beautiful. Funny how ‘al fresco’ has reached even Ireland in recent years. Not long ago it would be ‘why would you be wanting to drink your tea outside for?’ 🙂

  5. Lovely! I’m jealous of you being so near the water. When I lived in the SF Bay area, my ‘downtown’ was right on the Bay, and I walked along the water every morning and afternoon. Here in New England where I live now, outside of Boston, my downtown is quaint and sweet and full of flowering trees and brick buildings. Another kind of lovely.

  6. Your photos are beautiful, Jean, and you’re lucky to live in such a picturesque place with the song of the ocean nearby. Your downtown looks very charming. Living in S.F. bay area, it’s also nice having the ocean so near, about a 30 minute drive to San Fran. and about 45 minutes to our favorite beach…We live in a small quaint town with trees and flowers everywhere. We do have the four seasons except for snow, which would be nice to have in small quantities. Growing up in southern Cal., I prefer where we live now. I love all the greenery and the weather is milder. I also love this idea for a post and might try one myself in the near future. So thanks for the inspiration. Have a lovely weekend! ♥

  7. Beautiful Jean, looks like a wonderful place to go ‘down town’. My town centre isn’t as pretty, but you don’t have to travel far to the top of the river bank to see the river and the sea and lots of lovely things to look at on the way.

  8. Jean, I must say Tramore is a beautiful place, abounding in salty fresh airI I reckon isn’t hard to adapt there…or to fit perfectly into it. Congrats!

    I do not have pictures of my home – down town, very curious, right? But I will try to find something expressive for it

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