Lessons Mother Taught Me

Mother and Me
Mother and Me

It’s January 29th and that means just one thing to me: Mother’s birthday. She was born in 1921 and lived to the fine age of eighty-eight.

We were fortunate to have an extremely close relationship and I was thinking this morning of all the treasured sayings and passions that she passed on to me. Here are a few:

# Love of words, reading, writing,  rhyming, poetry

# Rudyard Kipling’s If

# Never forget how hard women had to fight for their rights so battle on.

# Passion for nature: trees, woodlands, dogs, horses, the sea, the moon, perennial flowers, especially carpets of snowdrops and gorse;

# The importance of birthdays

# Love of sport, particularly tennis, ‘proficiency at tennis is a passport to making friends, having fun, meeting new people.’

# The importance of saying ‘thank you’

Do not be a litter lout

Love is elastic 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

# The deliciousness of freshly-picked fruit and vegetables

# Be gentle when making sponge cakes

# Remember that every place has something to offer and you have something to offer every place 

# The importance of nurturing relationships

# Change out of wet shoes and socks

# Work hard but not too hard. Remember about the horses in the French Revolution that worked for 10 days without a break and dropped dead.

Better a dinner of herbs and peace therewith than roast ox and contention

Don’t be an impossible person

#Be gracious in defeat

# A little help is worth a lot of pity

# The importance of honesty

Chin Up

# The generation gap is only a cod

# Never forget how to smile!

# And there are rainbows

Happy Birthday, Mother! The snowdrops are out for you, as always.  







Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

43 thoughts on “Lessons Mother Taught Me”

  1. Your Mother sounds like she was very special woman Jean. Love those sayings. Thank you for sharing this and may your Mother’s birthday be a day of happy memories. I am sure she still watches over you.

  2. Wonderful! What a great list to remember your mother by… makes you wonder what our kids will remember of what we said (being boys, probably nothing – speaking for mine, of course!)

  3. Beautiful insights and memories. You can feel the love through your photo. I’m guessing you’ve passed these down to the next generation too and your children and grandchildren will think of you in the same loving ways.

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for writing. Must say it’s a photo I love even though I’m not exactly animated. I suspect I was smiling a second later the way Mother was looking at me.
      Hard to know how much is being passed down but probably more than I even realise.

  4. Jean, I loved this.. what wisdom and passion through your words. Our mothers, we miss forever, as we are never too old to hear their stories, feel their touch and love… beautiful 🙂 she’s is with you, only in another dimension….. ❤

  5. I feel like I know your mother, although of course I’ve never met her. But she was a strong, intelligent, courageous and insightful woman, indeed. And look at the wonderful job she did, bringing up her daughter.

    1. Sandy, interesting about grandmothers. I only knew one of mine and she died when I was about 9. However, my mother kept her spirit very much alive for us so I find it difficult to know how much is my personal memory or a more collective one.

  6. Your mam – and therefore you – sounds nice, Jean. It’s amazing how mothers/grandmothers pass on things, like saying, gestures, the small things, really. Treasure them xx

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