What’s Great about Co. Waterford

If you have been following this blog for even a week, you’ll know that Co. Waterford in the Sunny South-East of Ireland  is my native heath and a piece of the world about which I feel beyond passionate.

As you can imagine, I ponder a good deal about why Co. Waterford appeals so much to me, given that I’ve had the opportunity to live in lots of places around Ireland.

Woodstown Beach, Co. Waterford
Woodstown Beach, Co. Waterford

I was out at Woodstown Beach for a swim the other day ~ a place I associate with childhood picnics, sun,  the best shells in the county, buckets and spades, wild roses, trees, views of Co. Wexford and The Saratoga

The Saratoga is a bar cum restaurant with a delicious view of Woodstown Beach. In fact, when you sit outside, you might as well be on the beach.

I seem to have been in The Saratoga on many momentous days in my life and it is definitely part of the allure of Woodstown. There is a little slogan under the main name that always makes me stop, smile and recognise how fortunate I am to live in Co. Waterford. Here it is:

The Saratoga, Woodstown, Co. Waterford.
The Saratoga, Woodstown, Co. Waterford.

Yes, that’s just the thing about the whole of Co. Waterford ~ all these gorgeous places: beaches, cliff walks, gardens, woods, mountains, rivers, castles, lakes, thatched cottages, dolmens, historic Waterford City, stunning towns, villages, hamlets ….. They are all just down the road but a world away and offer a diversity and magic that I’ve yet to find anywhere else in Ireland or abroad.

So, raise a glass to Co. Waterford! If you are fortunate enough to live here, give thanks, and if you haven’t been here yet, you have one helluva treat in store.




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

10 thoughts on “What’s Great about Co. Waterford”

    1. Morning Roy, interesting point you make about ‘spiritual homes.’ Yes, I’m very lucky to live in mine but I wonder if they are all ‘real’ places like Co. Waterford or can ‘spiritual homes’ be states of mind or heart?

    1. Roy, thought you’d be interested to know that a ‘hermit’ lived high up in the Comeragh mountains for quite a number of years, not so long ago. How I wish I had met him!!

      1. Great! I wonder if he (I assume it was a ‘he’) knew stuff that no one else did? I’ve a mind to become a druid, be more in touch with nature and the cosmos. Maybe after the World Cup’s finished.

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