21 thoughts on “For Nice Tonight”

  1. My heart is heavy with much these days, and the only thing that comforts is having visual reminders that so many of us stand together, even when we feel helpless to intervene.

  2. The world of today is so different from yesterday…I’m worried about tomorrows world …the world of our children and grandchildren. I pray for peace and unity of all the world…

    1. Yesterdays had their issues too as the WW1 centenary reminds us all too well but one would have hoped that the world could have learned lessons about the horrors of violence by now. Let’s live in hope.

  3. It’s so sad… And it seems as if there’s no end of this horrible actions in the world.

  4. * There’s no end to these horrible actions.

    Yes, we’ve got to keep hope alive. ❤️

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