The Learner Driver

I put out a call for HELP  in late November as I was approaching the role of being the experienced driver to accompany our son who was about to start learning to drive.

Well, there was a bit of a delay but we are now four weeks into it and I’d like to thank you all for your words of advice and reassurance.

It’s proving to be quite enjoyable, much to my amazement, and it’s like we’ve developed a brand new bond. That’s not to say that there aren’t some hairy scary moments when I’m grinding my teeth and gripping my hands so tightly that the blood supply as well as my breathing stop.

What has surprised me most of all is how the colour yellow and my perceptions of it have changed very dramatically.

There was a time when yellow was about nature:


But now it’s all about road signs like this:


and this:


I’m looking forward to the day when yellow and driving look like this again:

Copper Coast, Co. Waterford
Copper Coast, Co. Waterford