Writing for Therapy ~ Pass on to the Next Blog!

It would probably be best if you didn’t read this post as it’s basically me writing for therapy and I certainly don’t want any insights into what may lie in store!

I think I may have written here before about my fear and trembling of all things to do with toothy issues and dentists.  I had my fair share of  horrors in that department when my wisdom teeth appeared and then caused absolute havoc, especially when they steadfastly refused to come out.

I’ve been beyond diligent about minding my teeth since then and it’s paid off ~ at least until yesterday morning.  I got a very odd sensation when eating an almond ~ it felt like a few teeth had snapped in two. Nothing to Declare, they smiled when I took courage and looked in the mirror. But, they were lying or, at least one of them was. I could feel a wibbly wobble in the general vicinity of the snapping and, yes, there’s a tooth moving ever so slightly. To me, it seems like it’s a huge rocking chair swinging out of control.

I hoofed it down to the dentist’s surgery and have an appointment for 9.45 tomorrow morning. I’m not sure whether I’m sorrier for me or the poor unfortunate dentist who has to deal with me.

He knows my form and knew both my late parents as well. Mother certainly wasn’t a fan of going to the dentist but she wasn’t next or near my league. Father, on the other hand, just loved going and thought it was ‘ridiculous nonsense’  that I should be so scared.

The crazy thing about all this is that one of Father’s photographs hangs on the wall of the dentist’s waiting-room. It’s a lovely one of the Metal Man and the cliffs here in Tramore. (The Metal Man area is the far headland on my header photo ~ and the Metal Man stands on one of the white pillars.)

All weekend, Father has been on my mind.  It’s partly due to THE tooth but mainly because our lilac tree is in full bloom and looking better than ever. It’s certainly ageing well and not getting ‘long in the tooth!’

Our Lilac Tree
Our Lilac Tree

Father introduced me to the wonderful voice of Richard Tauber and our favourite song was We’ll Gather Lilacs in the Spring.

Oh bliss to listen to this again. I think I’ll try humming it as I lie in the dentist’s chair in the morning and when he tells me that I have to have at least two extractions and a few root canal fillings as well as dentures …, I’ll visualise the lilac tree in all its beauty.

See writing for therapy DOES work!

Our Lilac Tree in the Gloaming