Wishing Bubbles ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 269

This was a World Mental Health Day with a difference in Waterford today!  The Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing  is running here all week with a host of different events being organised through a partnership between Garter Lane Arts Centre  and Waterford Healing Arts Trust.  

The Wishing Bubble Project which was the brainchild of artist Brigid Teehan was specially arranged for Mental Health Day because of the extent to which blowing bubbles  is so cathartic  and holds one in the moment.

Brigid Teehan
Brigid Teehan

It’s a while since I blew bubbles, and I certainly never did it as an adult in the middle of Waterford City in front of a crowd of strangers,  but it certainly brought me into a zone of total relaxation!

How did you celebrate World Mental Health Day? I hope it was as happy as mine!