Bridges Matter

In the context of all that’s going on in the world, I know that this post may seem a bit unnecessary but I am feeling extremely upset having heard over the weekend that the lovely little wooden bridges in my local wood are to be replaced by shiny metal ones. Unfortunately the new bridges are already made and ready to install as soon as we come out of this current top level Lockdown.

The wooden bridges are beautiful and have been there as long as I can remember. I even have a photo somewhere that Dad took years back of a slightly different style of wooden bridge but they were wooden.

I have spent hours and hours and hours out in these woods and the highlight for me are the wooden bridges and their lovely design. They allow one to cross a tiny stream that runs down to the sea which is about a five minute walk down or even less. The woods were planted many years ago and have little paths and lots and lots of wild flowers and an array of different trees.

Wooden Bridge of Newtown Wood, Tramore, Co. Waterford

The Second Bridge nearer Newtown Cove

Up Close

The little bridges have fallen into a bit of disrepair in recent times and need attention but I simply can’t understand how anyone could think that metal bridges should replace these little gems that have such a place in the hearts of so many generations of people from Tramore and further afield.

It’s hard to know what can be done to stop a process that has gone so far but it seems important to try when such beauty and sense of place is at stake.

Festival of Bridges #3 ~ Mystical

Andrea Stephenson’s blog Harvesting Hecate is one of my new finds of this year and it is a haven of peace, creativity and the most lyrical writing you can imagine.

Here is Andrea’s quirky and thought-provoking contribution to The Festival of Bridges. 

I see bridges as quite mystical, a kind of border from one world to another, with their own elemental guardians.  So, I was quite amused to see that this very small wooden bridge in one of our local parks, had its own set of sentries, guarding the way…


The Festival of Bridges runs until October 31st and I’d be delighted to feature your ‘take’ on bridges of any kind ~ be it through words, photographs, art, poetry …..

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