A Blogger’s Party in my Tramore Utility Room ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 25

View of the Metal Man from The Pier, Tramore, Co, Waterford
View of the Metal Man from The Pier, Tramore, Co, Waterford

I am in the throes of cleaning out my ‘utility room’ ~ now that’s a nice term for a room that has reached the point of un-enterability. See, I even need to invent words to convey the absolute mountain of mess, memories, LP’s of the Moody Blues …, dust, rubbish, junk ….. that have amassed in this room which doesn’t even have the lovely Virginia Creeper that once adorned the walls with red, red leaves. What’s left, though, is a heap of dried up dead leaves after a clippers was let loose on the outside wall.

So what has all this to do with a Blogger’s Party? Well, I was having a little breather from the hard labour of ‘de-cluttering’ and happened on Tramore Tourism’s online paper where a number of our local blogger’s were featured.  Needless to say, I got stuck into reading their new posts and I ended up having a great exchange about the relief of reading blog posts as ‘diversion’ and how maybe I should have a Blogger’s Party to give them all insight into the wonders and inspiration that can be derived from ‘utility rooms’ like mine!

Thing is, I’ve been reading these people’s blogs for ages now and they are great.  We have award winners and all sorts here in the Tramore area. So let me recommend that you feast your eyes on this sample of the many blogs that relate to the area:




While you’re perusing these great blogs,  please make some jottings about what kind of a party I should have to entertain them. What do you think about a ‘Dive into the Utility Room Party’ or  a ‘Find some Foxglove under the Freezer Party’ or ………..????????????

After reading all about the wonders of  Tramore and its environs, you’ll see why my attentions have strayed from the dreaded Utility Room!