Our 24th Wedding Anniversary

It’s our 24th Wedding Anniversary today and I decided to dig out the wedding photos to take a peep at them.

Twenty-four years is a long time but I thought I  remembered the day as vividly as if it were today. I’d have said that I wasn’t a wedding person at all but am shocked at the extent to which I was smiling through the it all ~ even the ceremony!

Our Wedding Ceremony at Carbally Church, Co. Waterford.
Our Wedding Ceremony at Carbally Church, Co. Waterford.

The other thing that came flooding back to me as I looked at the photos was the church music. I’d never heard of Panis Angelicus until a few weeks before the wedding when I was asked what hymns I wanted. I hadn’t a notion but a musical friend suggested Panis Angelicus, among other gems, and when I heard it for the first time on 21st September, 1991,  in the little church in Carbally, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty.

So twenty-four years on, I decided it was time to make up for what I felt was a lost swim on our wedding day. I’d had curls put into my extremely straight hair for the occasion and everyone warned me that a swim would wash them out. I felt absolutely deprived as I see a swim as being an essential, especially on ‘special days’ ~ in other words, everyday.

Annestown Beach was divine this morning and felt exactly the right place to be.

Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford
Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford

Hubby, as I mentioned here before, isn’t into ‘special days,’ like birthdays and anniversaries so I’m wondering how he’ll react when I present him with the wedding album on a plate with his supper.

All Smiles!

Best go and get the supper ready!!!