Caught Off-Guard!

Jean 2

Imagine my surprise when I found that the camera on my phone had turned itself on me  when I thought I was in full flow taking photos of the sea in all its glory.

I couldn’t resist playing around with the shock image and instinct led me to place the heart on my sleeve.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, to a fair degree anyway, seems to me to be part and parcel of having a personal blog. There’s just no point trying to be somebody that you’re not as that leads to an Oh what a tangled web we weave sort of situation which is basically unsustainable.

I guess I’m posting this fun post tonight as I’m celebrating the fact that I passed my annual eye test with flying colours this morning.

I will never, ever, ever take my sight for granted having woken up one winter’s day in 2003 to find that I was totally blind in my left eye. It was among the scariest experiences of my entire life and I count myself incredibly fortunate that the sight gradually returned over a 6-8 week period.

I will be forever grateful to the incredible care, kindness and honesty of the excellent eye specialist I ended up with that terrible morning. He guided me through what was a very dark time and it was lovely to see his smiles matching mine as we met again today. Caring doctors are among the greatest treasures in this world of ours.

I hope your day was even half as happy as mine!





Stepping out with Open Eyes

I’m a sucker for public writing of all kinds. I’m the person who reads the names carved in the sand; graffiti on toilet doors; notices on supermarket notice-boards; carvings on trees; paw-prints on now-set cement ….

You get the picture!

Well, the other day I was taking Puppy Stan for his constitutional down to the beach here in Tramore and nearly fell out of my standing when I saw this mural on the wall of an alley that’s within spitting distance of the beach.

Mural in Tramore, Co. Waterford.
Mural in Tramore, Co. Waterford.

It set my mind off in a million and one directions but most of all that word ‘hunger’ in relation to the sea resonated so, so much.

I can’t understand how I hadn’t seen it before ~ I think it’s probably because my eyes were always fixed on the horizon and the colour and mood of the sea.

I’d love to know about the signs, murals, graffiti , carvings that draw you in.