Theme Thoughts

During my recent blogging break, I came to realise how I am drawn to the idea of posts that are written around specific themes. Last year, I found the whole concept of ‘Gatherings from Ireland’ to be a great way to harness my thoughts and I’m just loving two very different blogs that are using  specific themes this year.

The first is There is No Cavalry  in which David Milligan-Croft is writing a captivating  365- post series called: Things for which I am Grateful.  The second is,  that of my neighbour here in Co. Waterford, Foxglove Lane, who has chosen the interesting theme Pilgrimage on her brilliant photographic and writing blog.  Be sure to check out these blogs if they are new to you!

Sheep's Bridge, Co. Waterford
Sheep’s Bridge, Co. Waterford

I’ve been playing around with all sorts of possibilities but I keep coming back to the word ConnectionFor me, that’s what blogging is really all about ~ finding connections, building connections, seeing connections and,  of course, exploring the multitude of ways in which social bridges are built both within and between people, places, events, ideas, imaginings and a host of other things.

So, 2014 is going to be my year of Connections here on Social Bridge and I hope that it will be a journey which allows me to consolidate existing friendships and forge new ones with people from all across the globe.