The Power of ‘Now’ ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 218

NowWords are very much on my mind today because the second meeting of the WORDS Writers’ Group performing @ the ArtHand is tonight.  The common denominator within the group is a shared love of words and participants are encouraged to ‘perform’ whatever words they like ~ be it their own work or favourite poems or passages from other writers.

This morning I went rummaging on my computer among my ‘Documents’ for possible stuff to read and was more than amazed at the amount of material that is languishing there.  It was a bit like reading through someone else’s files because I certainly couldn’t remember writing very much of it.

It brought to mind that great quote from Arthur Miller:

The word ‘now’ is like a bomb through the window, and it ticks.

I wouldn’t have had a notion of digging through the various pieces of writing if tonight’s gathering wasn’t on the agenda and somehow the ‘perform’ element  gives added power to the ‘ticking!’

What sort of ‘nows’ drive you to burrow into your scribbles, drafts, writings ~ or whatever you care  to call them?