Finding the Day I Thought I’d Thrown Away

There are days that seem like they’ve been lost in a hodge-podge of stifling frustration and ‘moolachness.’  (‘Moolachness’ is a word derived from the Irish language and my creativity, just in case you were wondering.)

By 6pm yesterday, it seemed that a whole precious day had been completely and utterly wasted and I was like a raving banshee.  The fiery vibes clearly went to warn hubby who phoned to say he wouldn’t be home until around 9pm.

Instinct, which knows me better than I know myself,  brought me to Garrarus Beach ostensibly for a swim but there was so much more…..

There was a clearness in the air; dancing waves; Summery Sea Pinks,  and ever-changing light that was like a sponge mopping my raging brow.

Here’s a glimpse of the wonder that gave me back the day I thought I’d thrown away: