Tall Ships in Waterford

I was in Waterford City very early yesterday morning and couldn’t take my eyes off the sculpture of a tall ship which now stands in the middle of the famous Quay.

Tall Ship Sculpture on The Quay, Waterford City.
Tall Ship Sculpture on The Quay, Waterford City.

It brought me back to The Tall Ships Festival which took place here in Waterford in 2011.

It was a glorious few days, full of colour and joie de vivre. The ships were moored along the Quays in Waterford for a couple of days and then sailed up the estuary early on a very sunny Sunday morning. We bade them a hearty farewell from every vantage point in Dunmore East as they sailed off towards the horizon, leaving lasting memories for so many.

I hope you enjoy watching this Slideshow which I put together back then to capture those happy memories forever.