Textured Space in Co. Waterford

There are times when you need to take little detours in life  to find textured space and this morning’s, for us,  was down to Ballydowane Bay, which is between Bonmahon and Stradbally,  here in Co. Waterford.

Lacy Edeges
Lacy Edges

The steep cliffs were a mosaic, set against the deep blue January sky:

Frilly Cliffs
Frilly Cliffs

The only marks ahead of me on the pebbly beach were  Pup Friday’s:

Softly, Softly …..

With each step, our gaze was captivated by the layers and layers of different textures and the mingling of soft green grass on the rose-tinted sandstone.

Tempered Peace

All the glorious space that we needed to replenish our souls:

Gentle Shadow
Gentle Shadow

Where are your favourite textured spaces? 





Magic Carpets

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d ever get involved in hubby’s carpet business as carpets seemed a million miles away from Sociology and Social Research.

However, I jumped in at the deep end back in January with a mumbled offer to do some online marketing for him.

It’s proving to be one of those unexpectedly enjoyable activities ~ often the best kind ~ and now I’ve reached a point where I’m seeing the world through both the eyes of bridges and tufts of wool.

I love the colours, patterns and textures of carpets as well as their deep connection to nature through woolly sheep.

Mercifully, hubby is happy to let me run loose and be as quirky and creative as I want to be in this endeavour. It’s pure fun and I adore heading off with a car load of samples, rugs, rolls of carpet and just seeing what will catch my eye.

I’m sure regular readers of my normal blog won’t be too surprised with the results!

I’d love to hear what carpets mean to you and if there have been really special ones in your life?

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