The Sunflower Drama

It was extremely windy here recently and my pot of orange sunflowers, which, are just coming into bloom, was knocked over and rocked around unmercifully. The sunflowers are a good seven foot tall and are staked heavily.

I know now I should have gone for planting them in the ground in a super-sheltered spot but we live and learn (some less than others, though, as my Latin teacher wrote on my school report when I was eleven!)

The big news this calm morning is that they are standing proud again and looking sunward right outside our living room window.

What a joy to behold when I opened the curtains to greet the day!

101 Ways to Cope with Losing Elderly Parents #16 ~ Flowers

Sunflowers on the Tramore-Annestown Road, Co. Waterford

Flowers can be highly symbolic both during life and as a comfort after the passing of a loved one.

I totally associate sunflowers with my late father. He introduced me to Van Gogh’s great paintings of these bright, cheerful flowers and he loved to take photographs of them.

I bought him a huge big bunch for what I knew would be his last birthday in June 2010 and later that Summer brought him photographs of some beauties which people grow by their gate way on the road which he loved between Tramore and Annestown.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the progress of those sunflowers over the last few weeks and headed out there this morning in the mist to see if they were in full bloom.

The whole experience gave me such a strong sense of connection to Dad and I can only smile as I write this and think of the delight in his eyes when he saw me arriving with the bunch that day on his birthday.

It’s well worth finding out your parent’s preferences about  flowers ~ if you don’t already know them ~ and weaving them into your relationship with them.  They can have such a calming effect and it’s always great to know that the flowers will continue to bloom year after year and appear in all sorts of different places, such as poetry and art.

Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh Source: Wikimedia
Vincent Van Gogh
Source: Wikimedia






Sunflowers for Father’s Day ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 167

I was going to give Father’s Day a skip this year ~ after all, this is my third Father’s Day since Dad died and there’s always that sense that one should ‘move on,’ whatever that means!

I was doing a spot of shopping yesterday at Ardkeen Stores in Waterford and as I made for the groceries, two huge sunflowers sat in a vase on the counter of the florist’s section. I carried on, though made sure I didn’t spend all my money on groceries!

Sunflowers are synonymous with Dad, given his love of Van Gogh, colour, nature and basking in the sun.

The sunflowers seemed to be looking at me with the most appealing eyes when I was passing them on the way out with a trolley full of locally grown fruit and vegetables. I edged over towards them and it suddenly hit me that father and I had shared over 50 Father’s Days. Surely this stands for a lot more than three without him?

At first I was going to buy just one of the great big yellow blooms ~ to symbolise Dad. But the woman in the shop said: The one that’s left is going to be lonely, you know. Why not take the pair? I’ll give you a good deal.

When I ventured down to the kitchen this morning, all I could do was smile when I saw the sun glinting through the yellow petals.