Solas South-East Run for Life 2012 ~ A Vibrant Social Bridge

Today is a huge day in Waterford, Ireland and one that will see thousands of people participate in the South East Run for Life 2012 which is aimed at raising funds for the Solas Centre  which works with utter dedication to support people affected by cancer, their families and carers here in the South-East.

The run ~ for some of us a long walk ~  takes a ten mile route starting at the historic Quay in Waterford City. There the thousands will gather and take off at noon with a surge of collective life that  is one of those extraordinary community experiences.

Everyone has a reason for being there ~ most because they have been touched in some way by cancer.  Stories are shared along the way; stangers talk to strangers. Yes, there are  hills to climb on this journey but somehow they dissolve because they are being shared.

This is what Solas is all about ~ making the most out of life, sharing the joys and sorrows. It is a major social bridge and the thousands today will be adding even more life to it.

I wonder how the other few thousand participants are feeling right now and what are they doing?  I suspect every single one of them has by now peeped out through their curtains and smiled to see the blue sky and dazzling sun. Waterford will be heaving in two hours time. I just  hope someone hangs on in the People’s Park for the stragglers late into the afternoon. I’ve no doubt they will!