Are Personal Blogs New-Fangled Journals? ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 240

Do you ever wonder about the people behind personal blogs? I certainly do!  And one question that  creeps into my curious head is whether their posts are all sanitized and edited with the real version in a journal that they’ve stashed away in a lock-up somewhere.

I have to say I adore ‘real’  journals, especially ones with rich parchment-like paper that beg for a fountain pen and and thoughts, emotions, happenings that matter to the writer.

Yes, there’s great freedom in blogging but can one, or does one want to, wear one’s heart on one’s blog?  I reckon personal blogs need heart and many of them have a helluva lot of it.

But I also think that lots of people need to be able to spill their whole heart out onto a page that will be as unconditionally loving and discreet as one’s faithful, empathetic dog who has witnessed and absorbed every mood swing imaginable.

Can a personal blog ever serve his/her master/mistress like a private journal? Are private journals becoming  things of the past as personal blogs, either anonymous or otherwise, wrench open every conceivable topic  and lay them bare in all their rawness?