Luxuriating on The Copper Coast

Today felt like the first day of Summer and I simply had to go and see how the Copper Coast was looking as I had a feeling that the Sea Pinks might be stepping out to bedeck the ditches and cliffs.

They have a way of making me smile and want to throw myself down to lie among them and that’s exactly what I did:


Copper Coast 3
Sea Pinks on the Copper Coast, Co. Waterford

Just to feel the sun on my back and watch the blue of the ocean through that sprightly pinkness is about as uplifting as it gets.



Lying Low in Co. Waterford

What bliss to drive out along the Copper Coast here in Co. Waterford this morning and glimpse the first of the sea pinks heralding the coming of Summer!

As I lay on my tummy gazing down on the blue, blue sea, the heat of the sun was massaging my back. The tide was as low, as low, could be revealing beaches and little coves carved into the coastline.

Snuggled up with the sea pinks, I could hear Summer waiting to come in on the next high tide.

Basking on the Copper Coast, Co. Waterford




Finding the Day I Thought I’d Thrown Away

There are days that seem like they’ve been lost in a hodge-podge of stifling frustration and ‘moolachness.’  (‘Moolachness’ is a word derived from the Irish language and my creativity, just in case you were wondering.)

By 6pm yesterday, it seemed that a whole precious day had been completely and utterly wasted and I was like a raving banshee.  The fiery vibes clearly went to warn hubby who phoned to say he wouldn’t be home until around 9pm.

Instinct, which knows me better than I know myself,  brought me to Garrarus Beach ostensibly for a swim but there was so much more…..

There was a clearness in the air; dancing waves; Summery Sea Pinks,  and ever-changing light that was like a sponge mopping my raging brow.

Here’s a glimpse of the wonder that gave me back the day I thought I’d thrown away: