Send out Your Boats!

“If  you don’t send out your boats, they won’t come sailing in.”

I was reared on this saying and had been under the impression that it was first uttered by some very important personI went looking this morning, but can’t find any references to it so am assuming, until I hear differently, that it was a makey-up of my parents.

It’s a saying that I think of every time I enter a writing competition, especially by post. I have no qualms about giving my entry a heartfelt kiss before popping it into the letter box in the Post Office.

It’s all about creating hope, isn’t it?  Okay, one has to be prepared for the fact that some of the boats will get washed up along the way but it’s always good to know that one has boats gone out that may well come back to  safe harbour with an abundance of hope on board.

I mentioned this to an artist friend a while back and this was his lovely response:

A Boat called 'Hope'
A Boat called ‘Hope’


Can Someone Please Explain …..

I keep coming across the the saying Everything Happens for a Reason and it feels like a tangled web in my head so I’d be delighted if someone, somewhere could tell me what on earth it means.

Maybe I should explain where I think I’m coming unstuck with it! It’s when it’s used as a sort of platitude that it drives me nuts. What does Everything Happens for a Reason mean when it is said, for example, when a loving husband and father of three young children is swept away by an aggressive form of cancer?

I don’t think it refers to the possible causation of the cancer; rather it seems to be a new, but secular, version of: It’s God’s will ;  These things are sent to try us … and the like.

Do people who say Everything Happens for a Reason believe in some Greater Force that is somehow firing banana skins and bonanzas at us to keep us on our toes lest we get complacent  in our little comfort zones?  Or, does a heartfelt longing for fairy tale endings underpin these 5 words that have me snaffled and baffled …..?