Creativity Unleashed ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 298

I was half hoping that someone would produce a logo for my Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection here on Social Bridge but now I’m glad they didn’t  because it was on my mind when I went to the beach today. I was amazed at how liberating it was to have a whole beach to myself, with the tide full out and lovely fresh sand as my canvas.

So with a stalk of seaweed in hand, I started playing around the letter C and here’s what happened:

Now, take a look at how it appears from another angle:


Needless to say, I couldn’t resist a little bit of stone work as well!

The possibilities are endless and I kinda like the bridge effect of the inverted Cs! What do you reckon?

I’d be thrilled if you would share in this fun Festival which is aimed at helping us to cope with the darkness of November. So, if you have a poem, prose, photo, sketch, song ….. anything that fits the over-arching theme of Colour, Creativity and Connection that you would like to bring to this adventure, please email me at I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!