Throwing Shapes

Yesterday was a day of shapes for me. I seemed to be seeing them everywhere and the light was playing games as well.

Here’s a tiny sample:

Solid as a Rock ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 262

Soladach mar carraig is the Irish for Solid as a Rock and, for me, the Irish goes a long way towards  conveying the the huge significance that rocks hold in my life and in Ireland generally.

I just have to think for a second and the names of towns, villages and townlands whose names are derived from the word carraig coming pouring forth: Carrick-on-Suir, Carigavantry, Carrickmines, Carrickmacross, Carrickfergus …..

The term Soladach mar carraig always gets me thinking of people as well as places. There are some people that  seem to epitomise dependability and who you just know will never, ever let you down, no matter what.  I touched base last week  with one of my ‘rocks’ who I hadn’t seen for a while and was met with that reassuring, warm feeling that these people engender and usually in a most casual and humble sort of way. No, it’s not charisma; it’s more about heart, wisdom and empathy.

And, of course, there are rocks, of the stone variety, that have special meaning too. Here’s a few of mine! I’d love to hear about yours?