Rest and Be Thankful

Today, I am collaborating with one of my very favourite Irish photographers, Mick, at  I asked him for a photograph  which would inspire me and he sent this  one of a bridge in Scotland. I was intrigued to read that it is to be found at Rest and Be Thankful on the Loch Lomond/Inverary Road.  I hope you like the inspiration which it brought. 

Rest and be Thankful

There are moments when we need to step out of the humdrum and noisiness of that thing called ‘everyday life’ and simply Rest and be Thankful.

In the stillness, we can feel the presence of those who touch, and have touched, our hearts with hands of inspiration and light when even the smallest hillocks loomed as treacherous mountains. Have we taken the time to thank those who have made our lives navigable; those who have built solid bridges and walked with us through pain and darkness?

Pure rest brings new perspectives on the flow of life; it cleanses and soothes the aching pains of angst, grief and despair. Our eyes are opened to what is most important to every single human being: hope and love; love and hope …..