Bloggers, What Are Your Punctuation Foibles?

The Flow of Writing
The Flow of Writing

Style here is about the absolute nitty-gritty of writing and the use of things like colons, semi-colons, question marks and the like, e.g. ~

I had a blank page on the beach yesterday as well as a big seaweed pen so got cracking on possible options. (I omitted ~ as it seems no one else uses it except me and I make up for the rest of you.)



I’ve realised that I can’t seem to live without exclamation marks, especially in comments. Maybe a few smileys would work better but my PC doesn’t know about them! (see exclamation mark, again, and this isn’t even a comment.)

Question marks are a bit of an issue for me as well and I attribute that to the fact that I’m a sociologist and feel like I’m meant to ask questions. I’ve got such a teasing about the amount of questions I ask that I’ve had to try and find all sorts of ways around this.

Lots to be said for ….. at the end of a piece or it can seem so. Perhaps that’s just plain laziness. I’m not sure.

I’d love to hear about your punctuation addictions, habits, trials, victories … before the tide washes them away.