Library Liberation

Pubic Libraries in Ireland have changed utterly in the last few years and I am now totally in love with them.

As a child, I used to be terrified about all things library, especially of getting into what seemed like awful pickles with librarians over being late back with a book, having spilt some ink on a load of absorbent pages, left the book lying around so that a puppy had a good chew on it, not whispering low enough …..

Now, the fines have been abolished  AND books are borrowed and returned using a self-service gadget.

The librarians are incredibly helpful and seem young and even hippyish.

I wonder has it all really changed or have I just got a bit older.  If the same transformation could only happen with dentists, I’d be away on a hack. They have got younger and smilier  but no self-service gadgets yet!