Highs and Lows

It’s been a rollercoastery weekend so far and it’s only Saturday night.

Today is the 23rd anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement which promised, and, brought so much peace in Northern Ireland. However, there has been a good bit of rioting up North in recent days and it feels very fragile all over again. Brexit hasn’t helped amongst many other factors.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to Queen Elizabeth on the death of her husband of 70 years. It certainly can’t be easy for her and I hope she can cope somehow. Ireland is entirely separate from the United Kingdom but we are neighbours.

Ireland lost one of her greatest song writers, Shay Healy, to Parkinson’s Disease today and that feels like we’ve lost a true talent and a very loved man.

Meanwhile, we are celebrating the victory of jockey, Rachel Blackmore, in the Aintree Grand National. She is the first woman ever to win it and the trainer of her horse, Henry de Bromhead, lives just outside Tramore so it was a day for mad cheering on that front.

So, I say ‘goodnight,’ with mixed emotions but with soothing Tramore Bay whispering just down the road.

Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford

Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore ~ A Social Bridge

My passionate interest in Waterfords of the World drew me out yesterday to visit Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore in Portlaw, Co.Waterford.  I write about  the wonders of this magnificent demesne, which were shown to me by the highly knowledgeable  Basil Croeser, in Section Six of Social Bridges.