Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

May 2021 bring peace, hope, love, health and creativity and laughter to you all.

I know this is a BIG wish but I hope that, between us all, we can push foward with a sense of connection and support and know that there is fellow feeling to add to and draw from as the year unfolds.

Life is essentially fragile and so are we but it also has a glorious beauty embedded in it and we must seek that out and store it up, like animals who hibernate, for times when we need its nourishment.

I like to think of you all as friends who care and share and who know how to read between, in front and behind the lines.

Your presence has meant so much to me over the past decade and today is a day I want to thank you sincerely for that. You make me think, laugh, cry, explore, admire, travel and feel inspired. How lucky is that?

Thanks again and let us dance together into the seas of 2021 with hope in our hearts.

The Copper Coast, Co. Waterford, Ireland

With love,