A Feast of Colour ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 20

Here we are 'deep in December', but Ireland is full of colour and the promise of more and more ..... I hope you enjoy this slideshow which I put together after a visit yesterday to the wondrous, historic and inspirational National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

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A Celebration of Roses ~ 100 Posts on Social Bridge

It is important to celebrate every milestone and I wanted to find a special way to mark the moment of reaching 100 posts on this Social Bridge blog.

I treasure all the comments that people take the time to write  as they represent precious time spent reading what I have to say.  One of the comments that has stayed in my mind from some time back came from a woman who simply thanked me for the ‘garden’ I have created here.  Yes, nature is extremely important to me, for all sorts of reasons,  so the idea that someone would define the blog as a ‘garden’ was wonderful.

I re-visited the much-loved National Botanic Gardens of Ireland the other day after many years.  I had never been there in high summer before so had missed out on the magic of the Rose Garden. I also realised that all my life I have been missing the extent to which roses speak. I’ve long savoured their colours and fragrances but had never before absorbed the way in which they have poetic language all of their own that fires the imagination, speaks volumes in just a word or two, and brings people and nature together on bridges made of petals.

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