Red Doors

At the Nire Valley, Co. Waterford

Red doors have a way of luring me in like no others.

I always screech to a halt when I see one just to admire it and the more vibrant and out of the way the better.

This one is a bit like a door in my life as it is in a lovely mountainous area called the Nire Valley at the edge of Co. Waterford and reminds me of when we lived in Clonmel in Co. Tipperary back in the late 70s to mid-80s. The Nire was a go to place to bathe in a river and climb mountains leading to lovely lakes.

I still go there betimes especially when the gorse is in full bloom and am looking forward to heading there when the 5km restrictions lift on April 12. So many old haunts to catch up on in this county of mine!

Exercising Lockdown

I am intrigued with the surge in exercising during our various lockdowns in Ireland and I presume it is pretty much the same in many other countries.

Could it be that when Covid is finally under control that kids especially will continue to play outdoors and go for cycles, sea swims, surfing, cycling, walking, running, roller-skating ….

Could this possibly be a long-term benefit of the whole Covid horror or will there be a revert back to screens and indoor play dates.

It is such a change to see so many people out in the fresh air. I’m just not sure, though, if it’s the fit getting fitter or if there are new recruits who will have gained a love of outdoor exercise and its benefits and keep it up.

What do you reckon?

Lockdown Longings

We’re in Week 4 of our Lockdown 2 here in Ireland and unfortunately there’s been a bit of a wobble in the downward trend in cases in the last few days. Hopefully, that will shock people into taking greater care.

This Lockdown got me thinking about things I truly miss and clearly took a weeny bit for granted before the Pandemic struck at all. I think it’s arguably good to have this wake up call and I hope I never get into that take for granted mode again.

Here’s my top 5:

#1. Walking in places I love that are beyond the 5km limit that are full of natural beauty. I am beyond fortunate that one of my favorites, Tramore Beach, is within my 5km.

#2. Going to live concerts

#3. Going with son to soccer matches in support of Waterford FC

#4. Browsing in bookshops and libraries

#5. Driving around Co. Waterford listening to radio commentary of Waterford Senior Hurling Championship games when hubby and son have strong enough hearts to be at them live and stopping off at a garden centre to calm my nerves at half or full time.

What, if any, are your little longings?

Six Activities in Six Weeks

A letter writer to the Irish Times that I heard about on radio the other day came up with the idea of setting ourselves the goal of doing 6 activities in our 6 weeks of Lockdown. Two that I remember are: renewing contact with 6 friends with whom one has lost touch and reading 6 books.

I have been mulling over this and here’s my list:

#Write 6 thank you letters to 6 people who have been really kind to me during my life.

#Try out 6 new vegetarian/vegan recipes

#Plant up 6 pots with shade loving flowers/shrubs to brighten a dark, dank, dreary spot at the side of the house.

#Leave out 6 painted stones with inspirational quotes along my walking routes within the 5km limit

#Read 6 books that I have put aside and never opened

#Dip into the following 6 activities:

  • Dancing
  • Skipping
  • Listening to classical music
  • Sorting my late father’s photos
  • Knitting
  • Birdwatching

What would your 6×6 be? I’d love to know.