Vegetarian towards Vegan

It’s been a gradual process but it’s almost three years now since I turned to vegetarianism and could never imagine turning back.

In recent times, the move along the continuum has been edging ever closer to veganism.

It’s largely about my love of animals but also about feeling so much better on this diet that I could never have envisaged even 15 years ago.

Nobody influenced me; it just evolved and has now become part of who I am.

I guess it has all become a lot easier with a growing diversity and acceptance of vegetarian/vegan diets and we are very fortunate that Co. Waterford has seen the opening of all sorts of food outlets that are into plant based food.

I wonder if there are many other life changing surprises lurking around the corner. I didn’t long for this change like I long to do things like run a marathon or write a book that will be worth writing in terms of helping to bring peace of mind to those who are grappling with despair.

Who knows what’s in store? It’s arguably a good thing that we don’t and maybe there’s something to be said for not trying to catch the butterfly, rather let it land silently on one’s shoulder. I had that poster on my wall for oh so many years.