Could it be ONLY a year ago? ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 207

For me, blogging is in many ways like keeping a diary. I’ve been into diaries more or less since I could write. One of the fascinating things about diaries is the extent to which they don’t lie as much as our memories can mislead.

This morning, I got to thinking about the Ireland Calling!  Slideshow that I made for July 2012 and was amazed, for example, to find that it was only last year that we were looking forward to the Olympics. They seem forever ago to me!

And, at a personal level, I’d completely forgotten that it was last July that I went to Co. Clare to visit many of my late father’s haunts and yes, that was the time I had the seaweed bath in Kilkee ….. bliss!

What were you up to last July, maybe this is the time to check your blog or your diary!