The West End ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 122

The Atlantic Ocean, Kilkee, Co. Clare

There’s only one West End in my heart and that’s the West End in Kilkee, Co. Clare.  I inherited my love of this place from my father who was a proud Clare man. While Kilrush was his native place, Kilkee was where he spent his summers.  That was back in the day when the West Clare Railway was in full swing and there was the pleasure of taking the train or trying to race it on a bicycle.

The walk along the cliffs at the West End of Kilkee is absolutely stunning and does far more for me than the Cliffs of Moher, beautiful as they are, ever could.

The Cliffs, West End, Kilkee, Co. Clare

Just in case you’re wondering, that tiny speck up on the high part of the cliff IS a person!