The Houses that Call Me Every Day

Cove Road, Tramore, Co. Waterford
Cove Road, Tramore, Co. Waterford

If I had to pick the houses that evoke sense of place for me more than any others in the whole world, it is this row of four that are at the top of the road that runs down to The Pier in Tramore.

They are on a slip road that is to my left as I drive out to Newtown Wood with Stan every day.

I don’t know who lives in the houses but it is the buildings themselves that never fail to glint over at me and cause me to pause and admire their charm and brightly painted faces.

These houses epitomise Tramore for me ~ solid, colourful, on the road to the sea; houses that have been there since I was a child drawn down to The Pier look at the boats; listen to the birds in full cry in the tall trees half way down the road, and, of course, flit with a little terror passed the ‘haunted well’ that’s down there too.

No doubt YOU have a house or houses that smile at you each day?