More Things That Baffle Me

I  wrote a while ago about things that baffle me and here’s a few more I feel I need to add to my list:

#1. How could any non-medic even consider watching a live streaming of an operation on someone’s insides?  (I heard a radio interview yesterday about the fact that we will soon have the opportunity to do this!)

#2. How is it possible that Donald Trump has gained such momentum since I last wrote?


#3. How can anybody be a litter lout rather than bringing their rubbish home?

#4. How is it that we can’t seem to get the message about the craziness of eating too much and not exercising enough?

#5. How is it that a relatively rich country like Ireland can’t sort out the horrific problem of homelessness that is getting worse by the day?

#6. How is it that poetry isn’t anything like as popular as music?

If YOU can help me to understand any of these matters, I’d be delighted to hear from you.