Stepping Out with Puppy Stan

My life has been punctuated by four incredibly special dogs and the days I got each of them are definitely among the very happiest days of my life.

I know this may sound a bit extreme, but they rank way ahead of my wedding day or the day our son was born. Both those days were fraught in their own ways, whereas the doggy days were relaxed and somehow pure joy.

Today marks the first anniversary of meeting Puppy Stan ~ feeling him clinging onto me and gazing into my eyes when I picked him up in that dark yard in the depths of Co. Wexford.

He’s found his niche in our world now and is lying on ‘his’ chair in the kitchen basking in the sun, as I write this.  Goodness only knows what he’s dreaming about! Perhaps summer days on the beach?


I think he knows that it’s a special day. He was full of his fun before the sun even rose and the pair of us were out ‘skating’ on the frosty paths long before the rest of the world had woken.

Now to the woods to run free …..

Stan the Man
Stan the Man