Our Blogs as our Legacies?

I’ve been wondering all day about the extent to which today’s blogs will be part of our legacies, like diaries of the past.

All this was sparked by reading a very thought-provoking entry for September 2, 1914 in the diary of  nineteen year-old American woman, Helena Muffly which is being so beautifully reproduced by her grand-daughter, Sheryl, on one of my very favourite blogs: A Hundred Years Ago .


19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today

Wednesday, September 2, 1914: It need not be recorded for there is nothing important to write.

I read this diary entry early this morning and remembered how I used to write similar sorts of things in my diaries as a teenager, though maybe not quite so ‘negatively,’ if that’s the word. I have endless diary entries that say:

Wet. Stayed in all day.

It seems to me that there is one key question surrounding  all this:

 As bloggers, do we seek out things to write about and thus are our senses far more heightened than they might otherwise be?

I’m a person who still keeps private journals as well as this blog. I don’t think I would post the the sorts of diary entries I have highlighted above in a blog post (though I may try it sometime!).

Having read Helena’s  entry this morning, I kept finding the smallest things which seemed worthy of reporting. One was my sense of satisfaction at finally managing to take a respectable photograph (by my standards) of Fuschia which grows with such abundance in Ireland at this time of year. As someone with a mad passion for earrings, I always see Fuschia as being like nature’s most delightful  hanging earrings:

Fuschia Hanging by White-washed Wall
Fuschia Hanging by White-washed Wall

Do you think your blog will be part of your legacy after your gone? Would you even want it to be?