Father’s Day ~ Important Lessons my Father Taught Me

June 17th is Father’s Day here in Ireland and I have been thinking about the important  lessons my father taught me over his long life of ninety-one years.  He died in September 2010 but those lessons are well ingrained.

Me Smiling at Dad

# 1.  Laughter is the the best medicine.  Dad certainly knew how to laugh and surrounded himself with books of humour and wit.

# 2. The dictionary is one of the most useful books ever written, use it!

# 3. If you get one good photograph on a photographic expedition, you’re doing well

# 4. Regrets are often the hardest things to live with.

# 5. Never sit on wet grass unless you want to get pneumonia.

# 6. Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile. (Irish saying : One beetle recognises another beetle). In other words: ‘ It takes one to know one.’

# 7. If you watch the ball,  you won’t go too far wrong in any ball game.

# 8. Trusting each other within the family will get you through more than you could ever imagine.

# 9. Never forget the importance of a smile.

# 10. You’ll find it hard to discover a more beautiful place in the world  than  West Clare.

Co. Clare Coast