101 Ways to Cope with Losing Elderly Parents # 7

It is pretty much inevitable that frail elderly parents will have at least one medical emergency that requires hospitalisation and it is a very good idea to be well prepared for this in advance.

Take a quiet moment to make a list of  key information that is going to be required when an emergency arises and  be aware that that stuff you think you could never, ever forget has a tendency to go absolutely blank in an emergency situation.

So here’s my basic template for the Emergency List:

1. Telephone Number/s of the Emergency Services ~ especially the Ambulance

2. Your parent’s full name and date of birth

3. Your parent’s next of kin

2. The telephone number at which your parent resides

3. Your mobile phone number

4. Directions to your parent’s residence

5. A brief outline of your parent’s medical condition/s

6. A list of CURRENT medications and dosages

7. A note of any known allergies to medications 

8. Details of Medical Insurance or other cover

9. Name, address and telephone number of your parent’s family doctor

10. Telephone numbers of other family members

Please note that making such a list does not bring on an emergency but it will certainly be immensely helpful if and when one arises.

Finally, make sure that the Emergency List stored in a place where you or others likely to be on the scene are sure to remember!