Festival of Bridges #2 ~ Heart-Heart

Today’s contribution to The Festival of Bridges brought me to a complete standstill and brought tears streaming down my face. It comes from Joan, who has the blog Earthabridge. Joan is the woman who wrote the post that I identified as the highlight of my blogging career a few months back.

Here is the email Joan sent in relation to The Festival of Bridges:

Ingram Bridge
Ingram Bridge

This is Ingram Bridge on #3 Highway, the Crowsnest, where it crosses the Kettle River between Rock Creek and Midway, British Columbia, about a kilometre north of the international boundary.

After my mother died in 1993, I fell apart. I abandoned my job and my home and moved here, to a little blue trailer just on the other side of the bridge, behind the snag.

I made business cards titled ‘At Ingram Bridge,’ set up my computer, and began to write.

The trailer was on a corner of the ranch where my mother had grown up, near the ranch house where her brother still lived. I went there to heal, in an obvious but unconscious attempt to be near her still. I learned several years later that it is also the spot where my brother had taken her ashes, to send her home.

Many, many thanks, Joan, for sharing this very special bridge with us. I suspect it will touch many, many hearts.