One of the words that’s widely used in Ireland is ‘craic.’ I have no idea if it has been exported.

Basically, it means ‘enjoyable social activity,’ but it is used in a wide variety of ways:

#Greeting: ‘What’s the craic?’ In other words, ‘What have you been doing?/How are things?’

#Description: ‘He’s great craic,’ as in ‘He’s fun to be with’

#Irish stereotype: ‘People come to Ireland to enjoy the craic here.’ Ceol agus craic is what people love about Ireland.‘ Or music and drinking are fundamental to Irish society.

#Boast: ‘We’re well able to make our own craic.‘ Or, we can find ways to enjoy ourselves. ‘I’m great craic when I have a few drinks on me.’

This is the first time I have used the word ‘craic.’ It grates on my nerves, for some reason. I think it has to do with the stereotypes associated with it and the undertones and overtones of binge drinking.

While I’d happily obliterate the word ‘craic,’ ceol’ or music is very close to my Irish heart.