‘A Felt Relinquishing’ ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 365

As the door closes on 2013, I can think of no better way to wish you a Happy New Year than through this poem from one of my all-time favourite Irish poets:

Let It Go


Brendan Kennelly

Let it go

Out of reach, out of sight,

Out of the door and the window,

Through the city,

Over the mountains

And the sea.

I do not mean a mere escape,

A deliberate loosening

Of a brutal grip

Like that of church on soul,

Father on son

Or even love on the lover’s beautiful

Surrender to the dear pain,

Or any sin or sickness that could

Swallow a man.

I mean a different thing

Beyond desire to acquire or captivate,

A felt relinquishing

Such as can be seen

When the air yields to the bird

Or the green

Trunk of a tree surrenders

To the tactful advance of moss

Or when the river stirs

Its surface

To accept a drifting stick.

I feel such courtesy

When I let it go

From me to countries

I will never know

And I stand, hoping to discern

Its breath in my heart

At its return.


Do you Think in Poetry? ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 283

I’m wondering how many people think in poetry? I can find no better way to pose the question but I suspect that if you do it will be like recognizing yourself in one of those job adverts that asks for something that’s like a foreign language to most.

Poems and lines of poetry have always been part of my thinking and way of communicating. The thinking bit is fine but when it comes to the communicating, I feel I have to be pretty sure that I’m dealing with  kindred spirits.

Just a glance at a budding miniature rose by the kitchen sink a few minutes a ago had me thinking of Robert Herrick’s:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying …

So, am I alone and palely loitering or …..?