Covid and Comfort Zones

I haven’t heard a mention of that terrible term ‘comfort zone,’ since Covid got a grip on the world.

I had serious objections to what I saw as a very ‘first world’ idea that we all needed to push out of our so-called comfort zones in order to realise our potential or find ourselves. It seemed to overlook the immense hardship that many people had to endure long before Covid struck: ill-health, poverty, abuse, grief, financial problems, natural disasters …..

Suddenly Covid came and it’s like it pushed everyone out of their normal round so fussing about comfort zones became redundant.

The thing is that when we finally get Covid under control, the old issues will still be there but I hope there will be far more understanding by the haves about the extent to which the have-nots often struggle desperately and that even having time to be bothered about comfort zones is a sign of privilege, albeit a very fragile privilege.

Comfort Zone Malarkey

Comfort Zone Quotes - A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but n

I don’t know when all this stuff about comfort zones started ‘trending’ to use that terrible word that always gets me thinking of bell-bottom trousers!

Here’s the one that  got me really fired up:


Surely to goodness, life is about ‘finding your comfort zone,’ not jumping off it into a metaphorical bed of jagged rocks.

Have you ever trying growing  sun-loving plants in the shade? I have on a few occasions and they all died. A similar fate befell tender plants that I insisted on leaving out in heavy frosts.  I remain to be convinced that people are any different to plants in terms of requirements.

I contend that we prosper if and when we find our comfort zones ~ be it in school, college, employment, relationships, hobbies.  What a wondrous thing to see a people who are clearly comfortable in their jobs. For some reason, teachers come to mind here. I’ve known those who clearly loved what they did and both they and their pupils shone. Equally, I’ve known a few who were obviously not in their comfort zone and the consequences for the pupils (and I presume the teachers in question) was a living hell.

Where does the ‘get out of your comfort zone‘ leave older people who wish to remain in their own homes to see out their days? Should they be pressed towards ‘growth’ in a nursing home or some kind of assisted-living centre?

I certainly intend to pursue a path towards my comfort zone. Will you be coming with me or will you be the person I see out of the corner of my eye as I sit on the cliff top soaking in the sea air?

The Copper Coast, Co. Waterford
The Copper Coast, Co. Waterford




Vision and Verb

I felt very honoured to be asked, some time back,  to write a guest post for the inspirational global blog

The closer the date came, the more edgy I got about identifying the topic, the words and the image I would use.

I guess it’s all to do with having a whole new audience and being pulled out of my comfort zone here on Social Bridge.

Anyway, here’s the link to the post, Turning Points  which was published today.

The more I do in the way of guest posts, the more I feel they are a very good idea and I they are something which in which I would like to get a lot more involved ~ both as a hostess and and an invitee (if anyone will have me!).

What do you feel about guest posts?