Presence of Perennial Colour for/from Elderly Parents


Back in September 1991, when we were just married, I never imagined that the pink Camellia that my father helped me to chose and plant in our back garden would be such a source of delight on some of the darkest days of the year.

The Camellia’s first bloom caught my eye the other morning through a haze of thick, muggy mist and it was like a bright smile brought forward from other times.

I love the idea of perennials bringing joy year after year. A tiny shrub that you give to, or receive from,  your elderly mother or father may serve to build a lasting and colourful connection that has huge meaning ~ even years after the parent has passed.

Sharing in the planting of the shrub and making that moment memorable and fun definitely adds to the everlasting impact.

I’d love to hear about particular shrubs that you associate with your elderly parents/or grown-up children.