Another Year

It is Dad’s 11th anniversary today and that meant heading out to celebrate his life in that lovely Garden of Eden that is Mount Congreve here in Co. Waterford.

It was as if he was with me as I walked around the magnificent formal garden and woodland areas.

Mount Congreve was special to him and is beyond precious to me.

There was just so much that had me thinking of him and I kept veering from the beauty of the recently fallen:


to looking skyward:

But most of all, it was the vivid colours that enthralled me and made me think of his love of nature’s blazing beauty:

There is just so much to life, irrespective of its fragility and the butterflies had me utterly captivated:

Dad adored waterlilies so they called out to be included:

And, he loved me, just as I loved him. I was never his greatest model when he was behind the camera but this one is especially to make him smile:

Caught Off-Guard!

Jean 2

Imagine my surprise when I found that the camera on my phone had turned itself on me  when I thought I was in full flow taking photos of the sea in all its glory.

I couldn’t resist playing around with the shock image and instinct led me to place the heart on my sleeve.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, to a fair degree anyway, seems to me to be part and parcel of having a personal blog. There’s just no point trying to be somebody that you’re not as that leads to an Oh what a tangled web we weave sort of situation which is basically unsustainable.

I guess I’m posting this fun post tonight as I’m celebrating the fact that I passed my annual eye test with flying colours this morning.

I will never, ever, ever take my sight for granted having woken up one winter’s day in 2003 to find that I was totally blind in my left eye. It was among the scariest experiences of my entire life and I count myself incredibly fortunate that the sight gradually returned over a 6-8 week period.

I will be forever grateful to the incredible care, kindness and honesty of the excellent eye specialist I ended up with that terrible morning. He guided me through what was a very dark time and it was lovely to see his smiles matching mine as we met again today. Caring doctors are among the greatest treasures in this world of ours.

I hope your day was even half as happy as mine!





It’s Not the Same Way Everyone Goes Mad!

I had serious reason to celebrate today as I got the all-clear on a routine mammogram. These are things I’ve learned never, ever to take for granted.

Instinct screamed: Let’s go for a swim, so I jumped into the car and headed out to the beach not even noticing that it was dark, dismal, freezing cold and very windy.

Let me just put it this way, the sea turned out to be far warmer than walking on the beach.

One or two people (all muffled up in hats, scarves, gloves, fur-lined boots, layers of jackets) were out walking their dogs and I could see that they had serious doubts about me.

As I found myself racing along the beach after my air borne jeans, I couldn’t but laugh and think of my late mother’s saying: It’s not the same way everyone goes mad. Must say, I could also hear her laughing with me and saying: Go on, you mad eejit!

Here’s some of the beauty that there was to behold and it was pure, pure beauty!